The University Milano-Bicocca offers accommodation, in its university residences, accommodation places for teachers and students, to facilitate their permanency for educational purposes and university research.

Information and reservations
Tel. 0264487050 - 3346198128


Agenzia Uni is a project of the city of Milan which facilitates contact between accommodation owners and students. It also helps students find an individual or shared apartment. In addition, it offers legal and tax consultancy to students and owners.


Guest quarters service

The University of Milano – Bicocca offers some accommodation (Building U12, via Vizzola 5, Milan – Building U22, via Mantova, Sesto San Giovanni - Building U92, via Gustavo Modena 36, Milan); this service is linked to the institutional activities and to the initiatives of the University.

Building U12

In the residence in via Vizzola 5, Milano, which is in the centre of Campus Bicocca, there are 10 rooms with bathrooms for a total of 14 guests:

  • 2 rooms with 1 bed
  • 4 rooms with 1 bed, common bathroom each 2 rooms
  • 4 rooms with 2 beds

These rooms are available for short periods, normally less than a month.

The accommodation in via Vizzola is located in the centre of Campus Bicocca in the U12 building. Comfortable rooms, homely studying rooms with natural light, automatic laundry. Moreover, it offers many services to the whole community of the Bicocca University, for example the dining hall and the library/multimedia centre for students and an auditorium with 276 seats, used for concerts, shows and meetings. A fitness centre is available also for  employees.

Building U22


The building U22, via Mantova 75 in Sesto San Giovanni can host a maximum of 200 persons in mini-apartments with kitchenette, bathroom and internet. Available for students: laundry, fitness centre, studying rooms and reading halls. The residence is located in a central area, near to a supermarket and pharmacy (via Carlo Marx).

The apartments dedicated to the guest quarters service are 33, with kitchenette and bathroom, for a total of 40 guests:

  • 26 rooms with 1 bed
  • 1 accommodation with 2 rooms (one bed each) and common kitchenette and bathroom
  • 6 rooms with 2 beds

These rooms can be used for a minimum of 1 week and for less than 12 consecutive months

How to reach Campus Bicocca and Campus Monza

Building U22 is only 3 km away from Campus Bicocca, which can be reached with ATM lines: bus 53 (stop Pace-Marx, direction Sesto Marelli) get off at the Sesto Marelli stop and take bus 51 (direction Zara), get off at the Chiese-Sarca stop.

To reach Campus Monza take bus 700 (Rimembranze-Pace stop, direction Sesto F.S.) and then the train for Monza; at Monza station take bus z206 (direction San Gerardo hospital).

Ecobus and bicycles

For U22 there are two bus rides a day (in the morning and in the evening) with Ecobus Bicocca.

There are also 100 bicycles available for the students living in building U22, which can be used for moving in the Campus.

Building U92

The building U92, via Gustavo Modena, 36 in Milano with mini-apartments with bathroom and WiFi internet. The residence is located in a central area.

The building has the following facilities:

  • A single room suitable to accommodate disabled students
  • Library
  • 3 Cafeteria room
  • Hot/cold beverage and snack vending machines
  • Laundry room (token-operated machines)
  • TV room
  • Study rooms
  • Gym
  • Computer room (2 workstations)
  • Internet (wireless connection)

These rooms can be used for a minimum of 1 week and for less than 12 consecutive months

How to reach Campus Bicocca

Building U92 is 6,5 km away from Campus Bicocca, which can be reached with ATM lines: bus 92 (stop V.le Dei Mille Novelli, direction Via Varè) get off at the Stazione Centrale Via Tonale stop and take bus 87 (direction Via Anassagora Via Pindaro), get off at the Arcimboldi Ateneo Nuovo stop. Or with Trenitalia lines: trains from Milano Dateo (direction Varese, Bovisa, Novara) get off at Milano Porta Garibaldi station and take trains direction Bergamo, Chiasso, Lecco, get off at Milano Greco Pirelli station.